Mistress, what is ‘No Turning Back’?

No Turning Back is the complete version of True Feminization. It permits different paths through the program, including ‘Virtual Sister’.

The program lasts 3 months, and demands total submission and rigorous behavioral feminization. It’s for true NovaGirls.


What type of personality type is best suited to the program?



No personality!

Once the slave’s defective personality is extinguished,  it will cease to think for itself and become a puppet.

But Your Mistress has never liked puppets.

I like dolls. And thus, you will become one of my empty headed, little dolls.

I will fix your routine and make all the important decisions, leaving your vacant mind to deal with the type of questions that a doll delights in…

…clothes, surgeries and followers. 


But how will I function at home and at work, Mistress, if I become an empty headed doll?

As an automaton that follows my commands, your little dolls’ head will be vacuous and uncluttered by decisions.

However, following these commands will improve your…

  • Weight.
  • Fitness.
  • Mental health.
  • Physical health.
  • Social skills.
  • Professional performance
  • Finances.
  • Grooming and style.

Therefore, as you achieve health, happiness and success, you will seem dynamic to others – from the outside.

But on the inside – there will be nothing but the fluffy emptiness of a bimbo who follows my commands like a robot.

This is the paradox of doll Zen.


But Mistress, why do you care about my health, happiness and success?

I don’t! As a cruel Mistress, I only care about my own interests.

But it’s in my interest that you are happy and healthy.



It makes my property more valuable.


You will perform better as a slave.


Slaves who arrive with untreated addictions, depression etc. disrupt hive harmony. 


Make money & pay for your own surgeries.


Happy slaves embrace the zen of their doll like existence. 


Can you tell me more about these commands, My Queen?

Nutrition, diet and exercise are important priorities.

My commands are based on a methodology: the five principles of True Feminization…


– 1. BALANCE: the avoidance of excess… and the practice of moderation.

– 2. REALISM: attainable life goals… and a viable path to their realization.

– 3. RESOLVE: total commitment to True Feminization… and erasure of the male within.

– 4. NURTURING: investment in relationships… the rejection of selfishness. 

– 5. BEAUTY: to make oneself as beautiful as possible… and the world around you.



What form does the program and the platform take?

You will follow the 12 assignments of the standard program, but in more detail. You have a week to complete each one.

You will not be sent to the stock pages which slaves are usually sent to, but will have your own URL with personalized design and content.

If you’re name is Sophia, for example, you will access your interface at dreamygirl.net/sophia



What am I waiting for, Mistress?

Good question! Sign up now for True Feminization – No Turning Back!

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