The inspection


Assignment 1: The Confession (Delivered to slave’s E-mail (SUBSCRIBED SISSIES))



Behavioral Feminization 1 – Obligatory

It’s very simple: watch the video and pledge to follow its command. This is basic stuff…but it’s all a part of the path to True Feminization.



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Physical Feminization 1 – Optional:

Of course, it’s good for business to have girls of all shapes, sizes and colors. However, the fact is that statistically our clients go for blue eyed, blond haired bimbos. Pretty little suck puppets. Therefore, your optional feminization task is to buy some cutting edge blue contacts. Send The Mistress a photo for extra cred.

True Feminization Tracker - Week 1




Internal mail: Mistress Elle…is this a game? READ HANDWRITTEN NOTEInternal Text-Msg: Hi, I’m Candy…normally none of us girls make friends with the new slaves but I’ve seen your file and I know that deep down, you’re a good girl. I just wanted to tell you to hang in there. Here’s a video to cheer you up. I’m on my way to a party. Lots of clients to serve there…but you know what that means… lots of money. You’ll be joining me in no time. Just make sure you do all the assignements and you’ll be out of that yukky tower soon. xoxo Candy. WATCH VIDEO
Internal Text-Msg: You have now reached the end of your preview of The True Feminization program. If you want more information on the course, please VISIT THE HOMEPAGE.