Planet of the Bimbos

A lot of people don’t know this, but there’s a remote world circling Alpha Centauri called Planet of the Bimbos.

It was, in fact, a couple of ET bimbos who crashed in Roswell. They left their craft and went forth to spread their religion: bimbofication. Do you want to sign up?

You have just seen rare footage of one of the aliens leaving the crash site. But this is our secret, DreamyGirl…don’t tell anyone.



Hey…that’s not fair…you can be a thinking bimbo!







Listen, DreamyGirl…

I don’t want you to get over excited. You’re probably making a long list of surgeries you wanna get done. Sorry, but I think it’s time to take your Bambi nap.

So here’s a video of a relaxing river to help you sleep;)

Okay – siesta time is over.

Back to the planet of the Bimbos.


  • I sooo need tob a bimbofied SHEMALE BITCH slave!! Help Mistress please! I cant take it anymore! :))xx

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