Orientation Centre: New Horizons

Welcome to New Horizons – the personality installation software we use on The True Feminization Program.

Are you ready to begin a new life?
It is of vital importance that you watch this video under the correct circumstances….

Darkness. Silence. Headphones.

Make sure you press the square for full screen. Then switch off ‘auto-rotate’ and place phone horizontally.

Also, do not go ADHD and try to skip the first 45 seconds during your subsonic neural scan. Be patient.

Finally, remember that the True Feminization program has two discrete categories: sexual conditioning and feminization.

The former is entirely sexual, while the latter has no erotic components at all.

The video you are about to see is called New Horizons and it is about changing your life. It is not erotic hypnosis but true feminization of the mind. The full audio is available as part of the program.

Choose your Reaction!
  • I wanna be a WOMAN sooo bad, I need to be a WOMAN, I can’t take it anymore! I have to be a WOMAN!!:))xx Mistress help me please:)xx

  • Oh wowowowow! This is a beautiful orientation video! It makes me really curious of what else there is! ♥

  • Yes, my true fem nature is womanly and I’m so ready to transition

  • I know that I want to become a woman and I am not gonna let anything stop me from that goal.

  • This “Special” Programming video is amazing. Very curious to see what’s next. I could actually feel components being installed. Amazing.

  • Please Mistress please!, I beg you to erase all traces of my icky male from within in order to physically transform me into what I need the most in life- to be a bimbofied SHEMALE BITCH SLAVE! Suck puppet!! Placed in a collar and secured to your leash! I can’t take it anymore! I crave to be a WOMAN I need to be WOMAN!! Please help me Mistress, Please! I crave for you to place me into deprivation black latex cocoon bondage unable move, see, speak, or barely hear all the while you sitting right on top of me caressing my head and placing the nodes all over me as you enjoy watching me squim, grovel, and struggle to get out of my black latex deprivation bondage trying to scream to get out but to no avail!!!:))xxx

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