The Path to True Feminization

True Feminization

True Feminization is a module of The Sissy Farm training program (level 2.)

Convince me…

True Feminization’s potent blend of psychological realism and female intuition make it far more sophisticated than the dull tropes of ‘sissy training’. Whereas module 1 of the Sissy Farm is concerned with sexual behavior and physical feminization, module 2 is about feminizing the mind.

What’s module 1 like?

It’s like this.

How do the 2 modules complement each other?

Perfectly. For example, if your Mistress punishes you for the selfish part of your sexuality concerned with porn and self pleasure, she shows how this selfishness has seeped into your broader personality and corrects the behavior.

By combining both physical and mental feminization the two modules represent a complete training program.Add to Cart(NOTE: In order to maintain the integrity of this product, it is not possible to buy Level 2 without level 1. This is because it is vital to understand Elle’s philosophy of enslavement in order to understand the way she trains and reconditions sissies.)

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  • Please Mistress Elle, i beg You to erase all aspects of my male mind. Mind first body second.

  • My destiny is to be a suck puppet, a pretty little bimbo ♥

  • Mistress please erase all traces of my Male identity

  • Thank you o soo much Mistress:))xx I can’t take it anymore! I wanna be a WOMAN!!!!! So bad, mmmm:))xx

  • Bimbofication sounds like TeenSpirit ! I like the note of Kurt Cobain., Great! He was a true feminist!

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