The Path to True Feminization


True Feminization

True Feminization is a training program created by Elle Mesen. It consists of 12 levels and focuses on three outcomes…

– Sexual reconditioning.
– Transformation and bimbofication.
– Feminization of the mind and behaviour.

Here’s a preview of some of the behavioral training…

How is this different from other feminization programs?

True Feminization’s potent blend of psychological realism and female intuition make it far more sophisticated than the dull tropes of ‘sissy training’. With its multiple dimensions (mental, physical and sexual)this program is far more complete and effective than its rivals.

What does the Sexual Conditioning Program look like?

Like this…

How is the program administered?

Upon purchase, students receives their introductory pack. This comprises of three E-books along with a 150 page supplement of photos and visual aids.

From that point on, the course is administered directly by Mistress Elle via email and via your profile page on Over the course of four weeks, all assignments and materials are sent individually. Therefore, you only receive your next assignment once you’ve finished the previous one.

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Add to Cart(NOTE: In order to maintain the integrity of this product, it is not possible to buy Levels 2 – 12 without level 1. This is because it is vital to understand Elle’s philosophy of enslavement (dealt with in level 1) in order to understand the way she trains and reconditions sissies.)

Other Purchase Options

(By pressing ‘add to cart’ you confirm that you are 18 years old or over.)

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  • Please Mistress Elle, i beg You to erase all aspects of my male mind. Mind first body second.

  • My destiny is to be a suck puppet, a pretty little bimbo ♥

  • Mistress please erase all traces of my Male identity

  • Thank you o soo much Mistress:))xx I can’t take it anymore! I wanna be a WOMAN!!!!! So bad, mmmm:))xx

  • Bimbofication sounds like TeenSpirit ! I like the note of Kurt Cobain., Great! He was a true feminist!

  • Sign me up mistress Elle, I wish to be yours to feminise completely

  • Imagine being gagged and bound to a chair, while being forced to watch this video in a darkened room (especially the first 45 seconds), on a continuous loop for two hours.

    If that doesn’t destroy your male identity, nothing will.

    Adore this video as, after eliminating all maleness within you, it then builds up your new bimbo personality. xx

  • I’ve always dreamed of becoming the woman I know I was meant to be. So wished I could be yours to transform me into your sissy slave slut!

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