Customer Service 


1) We have no digital marketing operation. We will never send you an e-mail unless you asked us to.

2) We are an independent publishing house who sell books on Amazon, KOBO, iTunes etc.  We specialize in transgender psychology, self help, languages and erotica. We have a 25% stake in and

3) We use Paypal. We never receive your credit card details and you can easily get a refund from Paypal.

4) Total confidentiality:

i) Anything of an erotic nature is detailed on bills with innocuous titles like “An anthology of Keats’s poems”.

ii) The True Feminization Program is user initiated. In other words, if you want to leave the program you simply stop doing the assignments. Nobody will question your absence and you will never receive another email from Mistress Elle. Confidentiality is fundamental to our business.

*Although we publish Elle Mesens’ online novels, graphic art-work etc. We are not responsible for any transactions or services you contract from her offline as a dominatrix.