Planet of the Bimbos

A lot of people don’t know this, but there’s a remote world circling Alpha Centauri called Planet of the Bimbos.

It was, in fact, a couple of ET bimbos who crashed in Roswell. They left their craft and went forth to spread their religion: bimbofication. Do you want to sign up?

You have just seen rare footage of one of the aliens leaving the crash site. But this is our secret, DreamyGirl…don’t tell anyone.



Hey…that’s not fair…you can be a thinking bimbo!







Listen, DreamyGirl…

I don’t want you to get over excited. You’re probably making a long list of surgeries you wanna get done. Sorry, but I think it’s time to take your Bambi nap.

So here’s a video of a relaxing river to help you sleep;)

Okay – siesta time is over.

Back to the planet of the Bimbos.


The Unbearable Ordinariness of Not Being a Bimbo

The increase in breast augmentation surgeries! The skyrocketing sales of fake tan and eyelashes! The pre-eminence of tight PVC, lycra and satin in contemporary fashion!…

…Little by little, bimbofication has gone from a small cult of devoted followers to a worldwide movement.

Welcome to The Conquest of the Bimbos. Convert now…or be crushed by the unbearable ordinariness of not being a bimbo.

The separation of bimbo and state

Many young acolytes serve as strippers, luring new converts with their silicone filled bodies.

An Excess of Zeal (and fake tan)

Occasionally, some zealous converts submerge themselves in the rituals of bimbofication to excess. This young believer has transcendenced to a new level of fake tan worship.





The fate of men

Feeble minded men who do not yield to the gospel of bimbofication are  castrated and serve their bimbo Mistresses as eunuchs. If you convert willingly, however, you will be transformed and feminized into a bimbo handmaiden. Click the image below to convert!


The Bimbofication Cloning Factory

Today’s meditation on bimbofication focuses on the process of transformation. How does it begin? Where does it go? what is the logical end of bimbofication?

The title I’ve chosen looks forward to a world where beautiful bimbos will be cloned and mass produced. Then we will be able to download our personalities into the clones, and join the army of bimbos ready to take over the world. Enjoy today’s pics and vids.

Random Chat



The wonders of foundation! Why get a nose job?

Sign up for the True Feminization program. It’s your destiny, Princess! Let Elle erase your personality and replace it with her latest template: Perfect Girl.

Toy Doll Hypno (part-time toys)

When Mistress was a child she was very spoilt and impatient with her toys. If they didn’t work properly she would throw them away.

Now that Mistress is older and has inherited Daddy’s money she’s built herself a toy factory. She likes to design pretty dolls to dress up and make up and do her bidding.

Would you like to see some of the Mistress’s toys?

This silly toy didn’t work and got thrown in the rubbish. It had thoughts and said things but the toy was only supposed to say “Yes, Mistress!”

This was a good toy. It had big eyes.

Mistress doesn’t have regular workers at the toy factory. She has rubber nurses who help her make the toys.

Maybe if you catch Mistress in one of her good moods, she might make you into one of her toys. Fill out the form below.

Toy Application Form



October 2020