Alpha Instagram Girls in Boots + (cool extras)


You may have noticed the ‘+’ sign in the title. That means that I’ve added some slightly different pictures. The human eye starts to get lazy if it sees the same type of content pic after pic.

Like a nice dreamy gif for example.

Rain is so dreamy! I love it…




And now a beautiful queen of bimbofication just to continue mixing it up a bit.



Hey, don’t forget that it’s my policy that my friends be relaxed all the time. So, here’s another river video from my collection (tell me if you think this is completely nuts!)

Who’s your favorite Instagram girl? I like Cindy Wolfie. But do you know what I find annoying?…

…When you’re following a really inspirational girl on Insta…and she keeps on posting photos of her dog! Don’t get me wrong….I love dogs… but I don’t need to see four photos a day of a celebrity dog!

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  • These girls with this kind of boots are the definition of alpha girls.

  • Beautiful woman gorgeous eyes fabulous looking body and lovely in them sexy outfit and boots

  • Definitely loving Briony Gortons images! Erotic perfection to a tee!

  • I love this post so much! Girls in boots are so so attractive!

  • Omg! I love this. Boots are my jam. (:

  • Soo need to be a SHEMALE BITCH slave!!!:))xx help me Mistress please! I have to be a WOMAN!!

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